Data Protection Statement

Membership data

The Institute takes immense care of its members’ details; we outline below the steps we follow to protect members and to comply with legislation.

  1. Hard copies of membership, direct debit and gift aid forms are held at the Administrator’s office. These documents are not shared with anyone.

  2. Members' names, postal addresses and email addresses are held on a USB, portable hard drive and pc which are kept at the Administrator’s office.

  3. A list of members’ names and postal addresses is sent to the printer and publisher for the purposes of delivering the mailings and the Journal.

  4. A list of members’ names is sent to Council when new Council members are being sought.

  5. A list of members’ names is sent to the Society of Antiquaries of London for admission purposes.

  6. Email addresses are stored on the RAI Gmail account. Email addresses are only used by the Administrator to inform members about RAI notices, never for fund raising purposes.

  7. Email addresses of Ordinary members are embedded in the RAI website for the purposes of accessing the filmed lectures and the Archaeological Journal.

Royal Archaeological Institute
c/o Society of Antiquaries of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London W1J 0BE

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