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The Neolithic of Northern England, 21 - 23 October 2016

A great deal of new and exciting work has been happening in the North of England over the last few years, but it still remains outside the mainstream of Neolithic studies. This conference hopes to remedy that by bringing together an outstanding group of speakers to present papers on their latest thinking on the subject. From the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition to the very end of the Neolithic, and from Lancashire to north of the Border, we will be exploring what this most recent research means for our interpretation of the Neolithic of the North of England and of the British Isles.

The conference will be based at Tullie House Museum, Castle St, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 8TP.
Neolithic of Northern England Programme

Friday, 21 October

  • Key-note speaker, Richard Bradley: ‘Axes and Images’

Saturday, 22 October

  • Fraser Brown, 'Mesolithic/Neolithic transitions at Stainton West on the River Eden, North Cumbria’
  • Seren Griffiths, ‘The last warriors of the wise race? Or dating the last hunter gatherers and the first farmers in northern Britain’
  • Alison Sheridan, ‘A view from north of the border’
  • Clive Waddington, ‘The timing and character of Neolithic settlement in North East England’
  • Yvonne Luke, ‘An emerging 'Neolithic in the Yorkshire Dales’
  • Antony Dickson, Denise Druce, Helen Evans and Gill Hey, ‘New evidence for Neolithic settlement in the North West’

Sunday, 23 October

  • Paul Frodsham, ‘Recent work at Long Meg, Cumbria’
  • Alex Gibson, ‘Henges in the Peninnes - Tales of the Unexpected’
  • Andrew Fitzpatrick, 'The end of the Neolithic: Kirkhaugh and the earliest Bell Beakers in northern England’

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