2014 RAI Conference: Science in Archaeology, 17 - 20 October

The 2014 conference will be held in association with the University of Bradford at the Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford from 17 - 20 October. The price is £98 for two days attendance with an optional guided visit to Ilkley Moor for £20 on Monday 20 October. Click here for the full programme and booking form.

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Carl Heron, Archaeological Sciences (Univeristy of Bradford)

Prof. Paul Pettit, Early Prehistory (Durham University)

Prof. Richard Bradley, Neolithic and Bronze Age (University of Reading)

Prof. Tim Champion, Later Prehistory (University of Southampton)

Prof. Gordon Cook, Radiocarbon Dating (University of Glasgow)

Prof. Vince Gaffney, Remote Sensing (University of Birmingham)

Prof. Ian Freestone, Materials Science (University College London, Institute of Archaeology)

Prof. Charlotte Roberts, Human Remains (Durham Univeristy)

Prof. Terry O’Connor, Animal Remains (Univeristy of York)