Ships and Shorelines: Maritime Archaeology for the 21st Century, 16 - 18 October 2015

Our conference for 2015 has been organised in association with the University of Southampton Lifelong Learning Programme and the Centre for Maritime Archaeology. It will be held at Avenue Campus, University of Southampton and promises to be a fascinating weekend packed full of interesting talks.

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Friday 16 October

Key-note address by Professor Jon Adams, Maritime archaeology in the 21st century

Saturday, 17 October

Garry Momber, Mesolithic occupation in the Solent: a common European heritage
Amanda Bowens, Forgotten wrecks of the First World War; raising awareness and public involvement
Julian Whitewright, South Coasters: the maritime archaeology of two 19th-century shipwrecks from the Solent
Lauren Tidbury, Maritime archaeology and cross-border co-operation
David Parham, The Swash Channel, Dorset, 16th-century wreck
Professor David Sear, Investigating the lost port of Dunwich, Suffolk, using sub-sonic techniques
Professor Dominic Tweddle and colleagues, Work of the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, on HMS Victory and two World War 1 vessels, HMS Caroline and M33
Dr Fraser Sturt, The isles of the British Isles; reconstructing sea-level changes
Dr Kieran Westley, Submerged archaeology: investigation in the north of Ireland

Sunday, 18 October

Christopher Dobbs, Presenting maritime archaeology in the 21st century
Alexzandra Hildred, Mary Rose research in the 21st century
Peter Clark, The Dover Bronze Age boat
David Gibson, The Must Farm log-boats
Gustav Milne, Community archaeology on the foreshore: CITiZAN and the Thames Discovery Programme
Professor Nigel Nayling, The Newport ship

Conference fees and booking

£80 (£70 for Royal Archaeological Institute members booking before 31 July and for British Archaeological Association members booking between 1 May and 31 July) to include teas and coffees

Student fee and bursaries: There will be a limited number of places for students, available after 31 July at £15 to include teas and coffees but not lunches. There are also Cheney Bursaries available to a few students for travel and accommodation costs. Please contact the Administrator.

Discount rates for joint tickets: To attend the Royal Archaeological Institute conference, 16-18 October and the NAS/SPMA conference, ‘Coastal and maritime archaeology of the modern era’, 21-22 November, in Portsmouth. Bookings and payments for the conferences should be made separately with each organisation.

Booking deadline: 1 October 2015

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