Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the work of the Institute in funding archaeological research and promoting heritage. Two types of membership are available: Ordinary (Full) and Associate.

Ordinary (Full) membership benefits:

Associate membership benefits:

  • A yearly programme of lectures
  • Receipt of two newsletters a year
  • The opportunity to take part in weekend or longer tours and visits to historic sites, and to attend regional conferences

We also have a reciprocal arrangement with the British Archaeological Association, whereby members of both organisations are invited to attend each others lectures.

Membership Rates

RAI membership rates

Standard Rate Direct Debit
Ordinary Members £40 £35
Ordinary Members
(under 26)
£25 £20
Associate Members
(do not receive Archaeological Journal)
£20 £15
Life Members
(over 60)
£525 N/A
Life Members
(under 60)
£750 N/A

Membership subscription runs from January to December with renewal subscriptions payable annually in January.

To join the Institute, you can download the membership and Direct Debit forms below.

Support Us

We also run a student sponsorship scheme for undergraduate archaeology students. If you would like to make a donation to support this campaign, please contact the Administrator.