Calendar of business

Council Meeting
• Declarations of Interest from Council
• Council Members confirm receipt and reading of Charity Commission’s ‘The Essential Trustee’
• Outline of the year’s projected business/initial discussion

Autumn Meeting (field trip)

Notify UK universities accepting Master’s dissertation submissions for Master’s Dissertation Prize (Biennial)

Meetings Committee Meeting
• Outline Programme for next 3 years developed and confirmed

RAI Conference (if any)

Council Meeting

Next year Research grant applications due
Circulation of applications meeting core criteria to Research Committee
Current year Research grant accounts and reports due
Current year Governance claims and any other bills due for payment
Preparation of Annual Accounts and Report

Confirm Taylor & Frances attendance at January Editorial meeting

Editorial Committee Meeting

Research Committee Meeting
• Review publicity from projects funded in previous year
• Review success of grants programme in supporting RAI objectives
• Assess applications and determine support to be offered

Annual draft Report to Somerbys
Membership list to Council for considered nominee suggestions
Confirm CCLA attendance at February Audit & Investment

Audit & Investment Committee Meeting
• Draft Budget
• Draft revised Risk Assessment
• Draft Report as submitted to Somerbys
• Draft Accounts (if available in time from Somerbys)

Grant applicants to be informed of outcome of January Research meeting decisions
Council nominations with supporting information to be received

Council Meeting
• Draft Budget submitted to Council
• Draft Revised Risk Assessment
• Draft Finalised Accounts
• Propose Auditor for following year for AGM confirmation
• Lecture suggestions from Council
• Council nominations voted for at Council
• Review Committee membership in the light of changes to Council
and those leaving Committees at the end of their terms
• Conference details confirmed for publicity

Spring Mailing documents and recipients’ information to printer

Meetings Committee Meeting (only if substantive business in prospect)
Editorial Committee Meeting (only if substantive business in prospect)

Spring Mailing

Council Meeting
• Review Processes and Procedures in light of Audit & Investment comments and the year’s business
• Propose value of gifts/donations for following year

Annual General Meeting

Spring Meeting (field trip)

Archaeological Journal recipients’ names/addresses to publisher

Notify UK universities accepting Undergraduate dissertation submissions for Undergraduate Dissertation Prize (Biennial)

Summer Meeting (field trip)
Programme Card and Lecture Abstracts finalised

Autumn Mailing documents and recipients’ information to printer

Autumn Mailing

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