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Recent Journal Contents

Listed below are the contents of our most recently published editions of The Archaeological Journal. These can be accessed by subscribing libraries and ordinary RAI members using the log-in at the top of the page. They are also available to non-members on a pay-per-view basis through ArchLib.

Volume 161 (2004)

The Young Woman and her Baby, or the Juvenile and their Dog: Re-interpreting Osteological Material from a Neolithic Long Barrow
Megan Brickley and Richard Thomas

Excavations on a Bronze Age Cairn at Hardendale Nab, Shap, Cumbria
J. H. Williams and C. Howard-Davis

A Seventh-Century AD Cemetery at Stoneage Barton Farm, Bishop’s Lydeard, Somerset and Square-Ditched Burials in Post-Roman Britain
C. J. Webster and R. A. Brunning

The Dynamics of Status Symbols: Wildfowl Exploitation in England AD 410–1550
Naomi Sykes

The Bordesley Abbey Project Reviewed
Grenville Astill, Sue Hirst and Susan M. Wright

Signatures in the Soil: The Use of Pottery in Manure Scatters in the Identification of Medieval Arable Farming Regimes
Richard Jones

Dartington Hall and the Development of the Double-Courtyard Design in English Late Medieval High-Status Houses
C. K. Currie and N. S. Rushton

Shorter Contributions

Archaeology and Green-Field Site Development: Opportunities for Community Participation
Neil Macnab

Westminster Abbey: Anglo-Saxon Masonry below the Cosmati Pavement
Kevin Blockley

Review Article: A Single Shooter on the Gravelly Knoll?
John McNabb

Volume 162 (2005)

Routeways and Waterways: the Neolithic-Bronze Age Rock Carvings of the Dingle Peninsula in South-West Ireland from a Landscape Perspective
Susan Westlake

Ritual in Some Early Bronze Age Gravegoods
Ann Woodward et al.

A Bronze Age Cist Cemetery at Howick, Northumberland
Clive Waddington et al.

The Context of Writing and Written Records in Ink: the Archaeology of Samian Inkwells in Roman Britain
Steven Willis

The Roman Origins of Celtic Christian Art
Lloyd Laing

No Stone Unturned – a Re-assessment of Anglo-Saxon Long and Short Quoins and Associated Structures
John F. Potter

A Saxon and Saxo-Norman Execution Cemetery at 42–45 London Road, Staines
Graham Hayman and Andrew Reynolds

Medieval and Post-Medieval Glass Finewares from Lincoln: an Investigation of the Relationships between Technology, Chemical Compositions, Typology and Value
Julian Henderson

Shorter Contribution

Geophysical Survey in the Grounds of Dartington Hall, Devon
K. D. Strutt

Volume 163 (2006)

The Lying Stones of Sussex: An Investigation into the Role of Flint Tools in the Development of the Piltdown Forgery
John McNabb

Redating the Watch Hill Barrow, Cornwall
Andy M. Jones and Henrietta Quinnell

The Land Named from the Sea? Coastal Archaeology and Place-Names of Bigbury Bay, Devon
F. M. Griffith and E. M. Wilkes

Red-and-Black Painted Medieval Architecture: St Mary’s Church, New Shoreham, Sussex
Giles Standing

Constructing a Vision of Salvation: Chantries and the Social Dimension of Religious Experience in the Medieval Parish Church
Simon Roffey

A Tudor Cupboard at Cotehele, Cornwall
Nicholas Riall and Rachel Hunt

The Old Market Hall, Shrewsbury
Nigel Baker, Richard K. Morriss, and Paul Stamper

The Rage to Rake in Dust and Ashes: A Socio-Economic Context for the Excavation of Prehistoric Barrows in the Nineteenth Century
Julien Parsons

Shorter Contribution

Short Dykes in Powys and their Origins
Richard Hankinson and Astrid Caseldine

Volume 164 (2007)

Bronze Age Burnt Mounds and Early Medieval Timber Structures at Town Farm Quarry, Burlescombe Down, Devon
Joanne Best and Timothy Gent

The West Wansdyke: An appraisal of the dating, dimensions and construction techniques in the light of excavated evidence
Jonathan G. P. Erskine

Anglo-Saxon and earlier settlement near Drayton Road, Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire
Helena Hamerow, Chris Hayden and Gill Hey

Middle Anglo-Saxon Justice: the Chesterton Lane Corner execution cemetery and related sequence, Cambridge
Craig Cessford

Dartington Hall: A Mirror of the Nobility in Late Medieval Devon
Anthony Emery

Roman Forks
David Sherlock

Volume 165 (2008)

Thirlings: A Neolithic site in Northumberland
Roger Miket and Benjamin Edwards, with Colm O’Brien

Prehistoric and Dark Age settlement remains from Cheviot Quarry, Milfield Basin, Northumberland
Ben Johnson and Clive Waddington

The excavation of a fourth century roman pottery production unit at Stibbington, Cambridgeshire
Stephen G. Upex

The symbolic lives of late Anglo-Saxon settlements: a cellared structure and iron hoard from Bishopstone, East Sussex
Gabor Thomas

St Helen’s Church, Skipwith, North Yorkshire
R. A. Hall, Toby Kendall and Colin Briden

St Mary’s Church, Broughton, Lincolnshire: A thegnly tower-nave in the late Anglo-Saxon landscape
Michael Shapland

There by design? Some reflections on medieval elite landscapes
Robert Liddiard and Tom Williamson

Volume 166 (2009)

An extensive Later Upper Palaeolithic Flint Scatter at Farndon Fields, Near Newark, Nottinghamshire
D. Garton and R. M. Jacobi

Dating Duggleby: survey at Duggleby Howe, North Yorkshire
A. Gibson and A. Bayliss

Dating Celtic Art: a major radiocarbon dating programme of Iron Age and Early Roman metalwork in Britain
D. Garrow, C. Gosden. J. D. Hill and C. Bronk Ramsay

Chatsworth: archaeological landscapes and local distinctiveness through time
J. Barnatt

Recent work at the Chapel of St Lawrence, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire
D. A. Hinton

Some reflections on the Archaeological Institute's Oxford Congress in 1850
C. S. Briggs

Volume 167 (2010)

Castle Studies in Transition: A Forty Year Reflection
Robert Higham

A Room With a View? Looking Outwards from Late Medieval Harewood
Shaun Richardson

Wressle Castle: Functions, Fixtures and Furnishings for Henry Percy 'The Magnificent' Fifth Earl of Northumberland, 1498-1527
Peter Brears

The Homestead Moat: Security or Status?
Colin Platt

The Early West Front of Lincoln Cathedral
David Taylor

Uses and Recycling of Brick in Medieval and Tudor English Buildings: insights from the application of luminescence dating and new avenues for future research
I. K. Bailiff, S. Blain, C. P. Graves, T.Gurlingand and S. Semple

John Lord Lumley and the Creation and Commemoration of Lineage in Early Modern England
Christian D. Liddy with Christian Steer

Volume 168 (2011)

Report on the Excavation at the Duggleby Howe Causewayed Enclosure, North Yorkshire, May-June 2009
Alex Gibson

Animal Remains from Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Funerary Contexts in Wiltshire, Dorset and Oxfordshire
Neil C. A. Wilkin

Bosiliack: A Later Prehistoric Settlement in West Penwith, Cornwall and its Context
Andy M. Jones and Henrietta Quinnell

Iron, Landscape and Power in Iron Age East Yorkshire
Peter Halkon

Burnswark: Roman Siege or Army Training Ground?
David Breeze

New Light on the End of Roman London
James Gerrard

Daws Castle, Somerset, and Civil Defence Measures in Southern and Midland England in the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries
Jeremy Haslam

Mountains or Molehills? Different Uses for Mottes in the Lordships of Eastern Ireland
T. E. McNeill

The Dophin Inn Hoard: Re-examining the Early Nineteenth-Century Discovery of a Mid-Thirteenth Century Hoard from Cambridge
Craig Cessford and Richard Newman

The Changing Monastic Cloister: Excavations in the South Range of Bordesley Abbey
Grenville Astill

Volume 169 (2012)

A Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex and its Early Medieval Reuse: Excavations at Netherfield Farm, South Petherton, Somerset, 2006
Andrew Mudd and Mark Brett

'...An Assemblage of Ponderous Stones': Recent Archaeological Fieldwork at Stanton Drew Stone Circles
Jodie Lewis and David Mullin

Alignments: Revising the Atlantic Late Bronze Age Sequence
Colin Burgess

Excavations at Fin Cop, Derbyshire: An Iron Age Hillfort in Conflict?
Clive Waddington

Cadbury Castle, Devon, Reconsidered
Eileen Wilkes and Frances Griffith

'The Insignia of Women': Dress, Gender and Identity on the Roman Funerary Monument of Regina from Arbeia
Maureen Carroll

Populating the Pots: The Demography of the Early Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries at Elsham and Cleatham, North Lincolnshire
Kirsty Squires

Early Medieval Settlement at Mothecombe, Devon: The Interaction of Local, Regional and Long-Distance Dynamics
Andrew Agate, Maria Duggan, Steve Roskams and Sam Turner

'Riveted Mounts' Reconsidered: Horn Composite Combs in Early Medieval Britain, Ireland and France
Ian Riddler, Nicola Trzaska-Nartowski and Jean Soulat

The Apotropaic Symbolled Threshold to Nevern Castle - Castell Nanhyfer
Chris Caple

Cuisine and Urban Identities in Medieval England: Objects, Foodstuffs and Urban Life in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Hampshire
Ben Jervis

Regional Power and the Profits of War: the East Range of Warwick Castle
Andrew Parkyn and Tom McNeill

A Hedgehog on the Heath: The Second World War Landscape of Exercise 'Kruschen', Dunwich, Suffolk
Robert Liddiard and David Sims

Volume 170 (2013)

Landscapes of Stone: Contextualising Greenstone Working and Lithics from Clodgy Moor, West Penwith, Cornwall
Andy Jones, Anna Lawson-Jones, Herietta Quinnell and Anna Tyacke

'Of Human Remains and Weapons in the Neighbourhood of London': New AMS C14 Dates on Thames 'River Skulls' and their European Context
Rick Schulting and Richard Bradley

Symbols of Power: The Silchester Bronze Eagle and Eagles in Roman Britain
Emma Durham

Two Possible Nymphaea at Truckle Hill, North Wraxall, Wilshire
Phil Andrews

Piecing Together Identity: A Social Investigation of Early Anglo-Saxon Cremation Practices
Kirsty Squires

Cottam, Cowlam and Environs: An Anglo-Saxon Estate on the Yorkshire Wolds
Julian D. Richards

The Unfinished Chapel at Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire and Ecclesiastical Politics in the Early Eleventh Century
Jeremy Haslam

Volume 171 (2014)

A Bayesian Radiocarbon Chronology of the Early Neolithic of Yorkshire and Humberside
Seren Griffiths

Golden Biographies: The Production, Curation, Fragmentation and Deposition of the Armorican-Type Rolled-Gold Bead-Like Ornaments found at Pendleton, Lancashire
David Barrowclough

The Biography of a Settlement: An Analysis of Middle Iron Age Deposits and Houses at Howe, Orkney
Kate Waddington

Two Roman Britains
David J. Breeze

The Wirral Brooch: The Form, Distribution and Role of a Regional Romano-British Brooch Type
Frances McIntosh

Technologies of Appearance: Hair Behaviour in Early Medieval Europe
Steven P. Ashby

A Post-Roman Sequence at Carlisle Cathedral
Mike McCarthy

Stonemasons' Drawings on Building Fabric: Diversity, Form and Function
Rose Harris Adamson

Gateways to Power: The Castles of Ranulf III of Chester and Llywelyn the Great of Gwynedd
Rachel Swallow

Crossing the Threshold: Negotiating Space in the Vernacular Houses of the Isle of Lewis
Catriona Mackie

An Assemblage of Collegiate Ceramics: Mid-Nineteenth Century Dining at Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Craig Cessford

Two Exhumations and an Attempted Theft: The Posthumous Biography of St Cuthbert in the Nineteenth Century and its Historicist Narratives
Robert McCombe

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