The Archaeological Journal

The Archaeological Journal is published annually. It presents the results of archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites and monuments of all periods as well as syntheses and overviews of such work in the British Isles.

The journal can be found in most university libraries as well as some local and regional libraries and is sent to all of our Ordinary members. If new libraries or institutions would like to stock the journal, please contact us.

Two volumes in 2014

We will soon be entering into an agreement with a commercial publisher for production of the Archaeological Journal and the Summer Meeting Reports. Due to historical reasons, the journal has always lagged one year behind itself; for example, Volume 169 for 2012 was issued in 2013.

In order to catch up with ourselves, members will receive two volumes this year - Volume 170 was published in April and Volume 171 will come out in the autumn. Volume 172 will be published in 2015 and will be the first with our new publisher.

Book reviews online

We are now publishing our popular book reviews online. Book reviews from Volume 169 (2012) and onwards are available as downloadable PDFs. New reviews will be subsequently uploaded in batches online, prior to publication in the Archaeological Journal.

Accessing the journal online

The first 120 years of our journals, from 1844 to 1963, are freely available for download on the Archaeology Data Service website.

The most recent nine years of our journals are also available. These are available to subscribing libraries and ordinary members for free through this website (please log-in at the top of the screen).

Content lists for Volumes 161-171

These journals are also available to non-members on a pay-per-view basis through the Council for British Archaeology's ArchLib website, which also features a full text search. Please see the journals online for further information on our digitisation projects.

Free access to a recent paper by Dr Emma Durham (University of Reading) published in the Archaeological Journal Volume 170.
Symbols of Power: The Silchester Bronze Eagle and Eagles in Roman Britain
Emma Durham


The Editor of the Archaeological Journal seeks high-quality contributions for Volume 172 for 2015 Part II. The final submission deadline for Volume 172 Part II is 1st November 2014. Click here for the full details. Submissions should be sent to:

Professor Howard Williams
Honorary Editor, The Archaeological Journal
Department of History & Archaeology
University of Chester
Parkgate Road
e-mail: howard [dot] williams [at] chester [dot] ac [dot] uk


The extensive reviews section of the journal is highly regarded as providing current scholarly assessments of a wide range of publications of interest to the readership. Books for review should be sent to:

Dr Kate Waddington
Reviews Editor, Archaeological Journal
School of History, Welsh History & Archaeology
Bangor University
LL57 2DG
e-mail: rai [dot] reviews [at] gmail [dot] com

Summer Meeting Reports

The Institute publishes a report of its summer meeting each year. We hope to digitise back issues of these and make them available to our members shortly.