Aims and objectives

  1. To deliver public benefit by advancing learning about archaeology at all levels.
  2. To study, protect, share and engage audiences with new understandings about aspects of the human past relevant to the United Kingdom including archaeology, buildings and landscapes, from prehistory to the 20th Century. 
  3. To offer a membership that is open to everyone with an interest in the archaeology and heritage of the United Kingdom. 
  4. To create an environment in which young and early career archaeologists can develop their research and career progression and strengthen the future of the discipline. 
  5. To facilitate access to expertise in archaeology and related disciplines.

In order to further these aims we:

  1. Champion archaeology and related disciplines at every stage of the research process.
  2. Support our members in sharing skills and resources with all those inspired by the archaeology and heritage of the United Kingdom.
  3. Support the United Kingdom’s archaeology and heritage societies and museums in achieving their research and public engagement goals.
  4. Contribute to new understandings of archaeology through the latest research and scientific techniques.
  5. Work with partners to share information and opportunities to inspire others to engage with and protect the archaeology and heritage of the United Kingdom. 
  6. Work with partners and members to contribute to public policy on issues of direct concern to our core aims. 
  7. Produce the Archaeological Journal, a regular Newsletter, an active website, and other publications.
  8. Offer grants to facilitate active engagement with archaeological research in the United Kingdom from excavation to dissemination.
  9. Offer a lecture programme where the latest research is shared and discussed. 
  10. Organise site visits and conferences.
  11. Practice good governance and financial management, following current Charity Commission guidelines.