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The Archaeological Journal

The Archaeological Journal

The Archaeological Journal presents the results of archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites and monuments of all periods as well as syntheses and overviews of such work in the British Isles.

Individual papers are now published online via our publishers, Taylor & Francis, with the paper journal being published annually. The journal can be accessed through most university libraries as well as some local and regional libraries and is sent to all of our Ordinary members. If new libraries or institutions would like to stock the journal, please contact Taylor & Francis directly.

Copyright enquiries

Please contact permissionrequest [at] regarding copyright enquiries for the Archaeological Journal. Authors can find more information about seeking permissions at

Accessing the Journal online

The first 120 years of our journals, from 1844 to 1963 (Volumes 1-120), are freely available for download via the Archaeology Data Service.

All of our journals, from 1844 to present (Volumes 1-179), are available online to those with password access via our publishers, Taylor & Francis. In order to access the journals, please ensure that you are logged in (using the login facility on the left hand column of this screen) before clicking on the button below.

Subscribing libraries should have their own direct link to the Taylor & Francis website.

Article submissions

Submissions are accepted online through the Taylor and Francis editorial management system at

Editorial enquiries to:
Dr Rhiannon Stevens
Institute of Archaeology
University College London
31-34 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PY
editor [at]

Book reviews

The extensive reviews section of the journal is highly regarded as providing current scholarly assessments of a wide range of publications of interest to the readership. Book reviews for Volumes 169 (2012) to 171 (2014)

Book reviews for Volume 172 onwards are published online and the full text is available to members on the Taylor & Francis website. The most current book reviews can be found under the 'Latest Articles' tab on the Taylor and Francis website, and previews of each review are available to non-members. For lists of book reviews published for Volume 172 onwards, please see our book reviews page.

Books for review to:
Dr Andrew Valdez-Tullett
25 Craighouse Gardens
EH10 5LR [at]

Royal Archaeological Institute
c/o Society of Antiquaries of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London W1J 0BE

admin [at]