Calendar of Business


  • Council Meeting
    • Declarations of Interest from Council
    • Council Members confirm receipt and reading of Charity Commission’s ‘The Essential Trustee’
    • Outline of the year’s projected business/initial discussion
  • Autumn Meeting (event)
  • Notify UK universities accepting Master’s dissertation submissions for Master’s Dissertation Prize (Biennial)


  • Meetings Committee Meeting
    • Outline Programme for next 3 years developed and confirmed
  • RAI Conference (if any)


  • Editorial Committee Meeting
  • Council Meeting
  • Next year Research grant applications due
  • Circulation of applications meeting core criteria to Research Committee
  • Current year Research grant accounts and reports due
  • Current year Governance claims and any other bills due for payment
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts and Report


  • Research Committee Meeting
    • Review publicity from projects funded in previous year
    • Review success of grants programme in supporting RAI objectives
    • Assess applications and determine support to be offered
  • Annual draft Report to Somerbys
  • Membership list to Council for considered nominee suggestions
  • Confirm CCLA attendance at February Audit & Investment


  • Audit & Investment Committee Meeting
    • Draft Budget
    • Draft revised Risk Assessment
    • Draft Report as submitted to Somerbys
    • Draft Accounts (if available in time from Somerbys)
  • Grant applicants to be informed of outcome of January Research meeting decisions
  • Council nominations with supporting information to be received


  • Council Meeting
    • Draft Budget submitted to Council
    • Draft Revised Risk Assessment
    • Draft Finalised Accounts
    • Propose Auditor for following year for AGM confirmation
    • Lecture suggestions from Council
    • Council nominations voted for at Council
    • Review Committee membership in the light of changes to Council and those leaving Committees at the end of their terms
    • Conference details confirmed for publicity
  • Spring Mailing documents and recipients’ information to printer


  • Meetings Committee Meeting (only if substantive business in prospect)
  • Editorial Committee Meeting (only if substantive business in prospect)
  • Spring Mailing


  • Council Meeting
    • Review Processes and Procedures in light of Audit & Investment comments and the year’s business
    • Propose value of gifts/donations for following year
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Spring Meeting (event)


  • Archaeological Journal recipients’ names/addresses to publisher
  • Notify UK universities accepting Undergraduate dissertation submissions for Undergraduate Dissertation Prize (Biennial)


  • Programme Card and Lecture Abstracts finalised


  • Autumn Mailing documents and recipients’ information to printer


  • Autumn Mailing
  • Summer Meeting (event)